Photo gallery

this is a pet credenza I built for a customer who got a new puppy and wanted a stylish kennel. The top is birch.    The bars are aluminum and the frame is made out of oak.


.this is an antique table a customer had who did not know what to do with it.  I suggested that I could convert it into an entertainment center.  

Here is a display case I built for a customer to show off his 5 ft model of the titanic the frame is made of oak.  The customer supplied the tempered glass.  

This is an entertainment center I built for a customer  it is made Birch plywood with a bamboo top.  I did not build the doors.


This is a rustic piece I built out of recycled wood the front is made from oak pallets.  The top is made from ship lap and the back and bottom are 3/4” plywood